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Putin blames the West for ruining relations with Russia

Russia’s relations with NATO countries have become “distressing”, the possibilities of cooperation with the European Union are “narrowing”, interaction with the United States is “in an unsatisfactory state” after the expulsion of Russian diplomats, which made it impossible for Russian embassies to function normally, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the board of the Foreign Ministry. Not so long

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Russia froze. Why is this extremely dangerous silence

The migration crisis provoked by Lukashenka speaks of his attempt to survive by pitting Russia against the West and hiding behind the Russian back. But the Kremlin’s gain here is questionable Russia froze. All the more hopeless are the murmurs of those who are being rolled under the asphalt. All the more indifferent are those who are watching this. The problem is that the

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Russia’s VTB bank: we are in Cold War with the West

Russia’s exit from the SWIFT payment system will happen only if European governments decide to take such tough measures against our country, said the Chairman of the Russian VTB Bank management board, Andrei Kostin, in an interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt. “I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, unless European governments want to take such tough measures against

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