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Another young person guarantees the future with the modernisation and Westernisation of Ukraine

5 Questions With Chef Iurii Kovryzhenko On Modernising Ukrainian Cuisine The Ukrainian chef is breathing new life into Ukranian cuisine, one flower at a time. Ukrainian Cuisine5Qschef Share Ukrainian cuisine has largely stayed in a bubble that dates back to the Soviet Union era. With dishes such as thick and velvety borscht soup that is brewed with beetroot and tomatoes,

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Brainwashing the Kids.

09.08.2019 | Halya Coynash Russian ‘constitution’ in verse for children contains lies about the war in Donbas and anti-Ukrainian propaganda Children in ’uniform’ during the Immortal Regiment procession in Crimea, 14-yr-old detained in Moscow trying to exercise his constitutional right to peaceful protest (Photo Ivan Krasnov, RTV1)Similar posts Preschool soldiers and children with rifles in occupied Crimea and Russia A new

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