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How to quickly stop the war in Donbass and liberate Crimea in 5 minutes: Arestovich revealed the “recipe”

Alexey Arestovich told that it is necessary for fast liberation of the Crimea and for the termination of war on Donbass / UNIAN

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Say Hello to Julia: Frontline Ukrainian Combat Medic — Glasnost Gone

When you think back to what we were doing as a twenty year-old, few of us can say we risked our lives serving on a frontline. Few could say they served in a bloody war currently raging in Europe, one which has lasted longer than WW2. Meet Yulia (Julia). Serving as a soldier on the […] Say Hello to Julia: Frontline

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Putin seeks to put Donbas on Ukraine’s neck like a collar – Sentsov

21:20, 16 November 2019 The film director believes that there can be no successful reintegration of Donbas while Putin is in power in Russia. Former Russian political prisoner, Ukrainian film director and activist Oleh Sentsov believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not want to give the occupied Donbas back to Ukraine, but rather turn it into Ukraine’s collar. In

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