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Ukraine today .org – 2020 person of the year

1 January, 2021 – – by Red Square Maidan announces their Person of the Year that generated the most news in Ukraine. It seems like it has been a long time since Sentsov was released from one of Putin’s modern gulags and since the anti-Ukrainian economic project Nord Steam 2 was shut down, but that was just the

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Ukraine today .org has its first 100,000 views!

12 June 2020 – From Euromaidan in November of 2013 to president Zelensky’s second year in office of 2020, Ukraine Today has been publishing the truth about Ukraine in English for the world to see. From singing to the Berkut on the Maidan to weeping for hundreds of dead Ukrainian volunteers at Debaltseve, Ukraine Today has been there. You

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Mobile Users

We have changed the layout on the front page to accomodate mobile users. The home page is now restricted to 8 articles, then you will see a button called Older Posts. Below this button the sidebar content starts. Clicking on the older posts button, will open up another 8 articles before the sidebar reappears. Let us know what you think.

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