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In St. Petersburg, the stepson of billionaire Arkady Skorov died under the wheels of an armored personnel carrier.

The car was driven by the head of the board of the patriotic organization “Krasnaya Zvezda”. Two years ago at the festival, people were hit by a tank. 16:30, 29 November 2020Source: Meduza The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the death under the wheels of an armored vehicle of a participant in the military reconstruction in St. Petersburg. The incident took

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New Jersey Voter Tells Americans to ‘Fight Tooth and Nail’ Against Communism

TRENTON—Mira Balteanu, originally from Ukraine, emigrated to the United States around the time of the fall of communism. “I am one of the people who ran from communism,” she said. “A lot of Asians here are horrified, just like me, they see this creeping here in America, and that is extremely worrisome and very scary frankly.” “Chinese people are wonderful

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