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Youtube has blocked a Russian film about Donetsk airport. A smoke grenade was set on fire near the company’s office in Moscow, and the film was unlocked

Authors:MediaSapiensNow the film is preceded by a warning about “unacceptable and offensive” content. The viewer decides whether to watch it or not. On May 26, the two-hour documentary “Call Sign Donetsk” by Semyon Pegov was posted on the WarGonzo YouTube channel. Pegov is a blogger, a Russian citizen, who once worked as a journalist for VGTR, then was a military correspondent for

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YouTube has removed three Russian propaganda channels

Authors:MediaSapiensThe video platform removed the YouTube channels of the propaganda news agencies Anna News and News-Front, as well as the YouTube channel of the Russian state TV channel in Crimea “Crimea 24”. The removal of three YouTube channels – Anna News, News-Front and “Crimea 24” (which is a channel of a local TV and radio company) – was first reported by

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