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No skirts or heels: Ukrainian hostesses will now wear pants and tennis shoes

The nation’s largest airline, SkyUp Airlines, announced that it will change the uniforms of its flight attendants. Changes in gender paradigms are revolutionizing many industries. Such is the case of SkyUp Airlines , the Ukrainian airline, which recently announced that its flight attendants will be able to put aside skirts and heels and opt for a uniform made up of

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Trailblazing author writes detailed Carpathians guidebook

By Artur Korniienko Like migrant birds, Oleg Yamalov would fly to Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains every spring. An entrepreneur and philanthropist who moved to the United States in the 1990s, Yamalov kept returning to his native Zakarpattia Oblast to hike “the mountains of his youth” with some of his best buddies. But there was another reason for his trips. With a GPS

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Please, Consider Exploring Ukraine Beyond Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa (OP-ED)

Since 2016, Ukraine has quietly been experiencing a tourism boom – not least due to the development of low-cost flights linking the country to the rest of Europe. The figures registered by Ukrainian airports during this period (+277% at Zhuliany (Kyiv), + 359% at Kharkiv, and even +389% at Lviv) are impressive. Admittedly, it mainly reflects the fact that Ukrainians

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