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Norway Rejects Moscow's Claim It Violated Svalbard Treaty

Norway has rejected Russian accusations of violating the terms of an international treaty regulating activities on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, as a diplomatic spat over Russian operations there escalated. Russia complained earlier in February that Oslo-imposed rules were restricting activities of Russian organizations there, calling for bilateral consultations, and on Thursday accused Norway of violating the Svalbard Treaty. But

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Are they preparing a new annexation? Russia has claimed its rights to Svalbard and insists that it is “not originally Norwegian territory”

Since the beginning of February, the Russian Embassy in Norway has issued a series of statements accusing this country, the sovereignty of which extends to Svalbard , in violation of the international archipelago treaty of 1920. One of these statements says that the archipelago  is “ not originally Norwegian territory”. At the same time, some Russian media outlets published materials about Svalbard, which talk about the

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