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Fake Ksenia Sobchak: Putin is the only European leader to visit a hospital with infected COVID-19

Ksenia Sobchak, the host of the Dok-Tok Channel One program, began the release on the COVID-19 pandemic, as follows: “The whole world is now watching only one story: how the coronavirus pandemic is unfolding. Our president is the only European leader to visit a clinic where people with suspected coronavirus are located. Today he visited a hospital in Kommunarka. ” On February

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French President Macron warns about risk of “death of Schengen” over coronavirus – media

He says the survival of the European project is at stake. French President Emmanuel Macron has warned about the risk of the “death of Schengen” over the coronavirus pandemic. “What’s at stake is the survival of the European project,” he told 26 other European Union leaders in a conference call on Thursday, according to a French diplomat, Reuters reported. “The

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