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The Spirit of Chernobyl: Lie, Deny, Falsify

The Kremlin’s first reaction to the Chernobyl disaster, 35 years ago this week, was to lie about it. For several days, Soviet authorities attempted to convince its own people and the world that everything was fine; keep preparing for the May Day celebrations. The consequences were devastating. But the knee-jerk instinct to lie is still omnipresent in some Russian state

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The mystery of Chornobyl’s wild horses

Article by: Germán Orizaola, Universidad de Oviedo / The Conversation Since the accident at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, 34 years have passed. This accident, the largest ever in a nuclear facility, led to the creation of a 4,700 km² exclusion zone between Ukraine and Belarus. A total of 350,000 people were evacuated from the area. Initial predictions

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1986 Chornobyl disaster: first classified U.S. intelligence report released

The National Security Archive released the first classified report of the U.S. intelligence that concerned Chornobyl nuclear catastrophe in April 1986. The document was created on May 2, 1986, a week after the explosion of the fourth nuclear reactor of Chornobyl power plant. The report states that the official data provided by the Soviet authority was nonsense. The U.S. intelligence

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