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Two Ukrainians arrested for allegedly robbing 23 ATMs of Russian Sberbank in Bosnia

A small city of Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a western Balkan country, became a starting point for a large-scale criminal investigation after local police accidentally detained on Feb. 2 two Ukrainian citizens Dmytro Boyko and Olexandr Zaytsev. Alarmed by suspicious behavior, police officers stopped the two on the street of Bihac. As police searched them, they found plastic bags

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Kremlin: Kosovo army is a serious security threat to Balkans

The plans to create a Kosovo army, supported by the leading NATO states, seriously endanger the security of the Balkan region, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on January 17 during a press conference on the results of Russian diplomatic activity in 2019. The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that these plans are a gross violation of UN Security Council resolution 1244,

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