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Finnish researchers successfully test hangover cure on drunk Finns

RESEARCHERS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI AND THE UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN FINLAND believe that they may have finally created an effective hangover cure, following a study on the use of a particular amino acid believed to relieve common hangover symptoms. According to the results of the study, published in the journal Alcohol & Alcoholism, a 1200mg dose of the amino

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Seven dead in Iran after consuming methyl alcohol to avoid coronavirus

Seven people have died from methyl alcohol in the city of Ahvaz in western Iran. The victims thought it would save them from coronavirus, IRNA reported citing the local prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s office says the number of deaths from methanol is expected to rise. As of March 8, 48 people were poisoned. Four people lost their eyesight after consuming

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Ukraine destroys 37,000 bottles of adulterated vodka

Ukrainian authorities began the task of destroying 37,000 bottles of illicit adulterated vodka on Wednesday, a national “record” in a country where consumption of illegal alcohol regularly poisons and even kills. Minister of Justice Denys Malyuska launched the operation in the city of Vynnyky in the central Lviv region where the bottles, holding 14 tonnes of alcohol, have been stored

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