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Donbas peace talks group meets online, averts highly criticized agreement meant to include Russia-run “people’s republics”

OLENA MAKARENKO The Minsk Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) met on 26 March to discuss the Donbas situation, but no ratification of controversial agreements, drafted two weeks earlier, took place. The meeting had to be conducted online, and thus the necessary physical signatures were impossible to obtain. Arising from the most recent meetings held in Minsk on 11 March, the newest

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Please, Consider Exploring Ukraine Beyond Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa (OP-ED)

Since 2016, Ukraine has quietly been experiencing a tourism boom – not least due to the development of low-cost flights linking the country to the rest of Europe. The figures registered by Ukrainian airports during this period (+277% at Zhuliany (Kyiv), + 359% at Kharkiv, and even +389% at Lviv) are impressive. Admittedly, it mainly reflects the fact that Ukrainians

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