It is already brewing and it is known who is in charge: Danilov announced a new rebellion in Russia

Evgenia Sokolenko 08:01, 19.09.23

According to the NSDC Secretary, a new rebellion is only a matter of a short period of time.

A new rebellion is already brewing in Russia , which will lead to its fragmentation, but this time there will be no march on Moscow, as the “Wagnerites” did.

“I think that this will no longer be a campaign. Let us remember how the collapse of the USSR took place in August 1991. What is maturing there, and the “GKChP group”, as it was in 1991, it is already maturing there and they are already clustered there “, this is a well-known fact. And we understand who is in charge of this, how this is happening,” the NSDC Secretary noted during the telethon.

According to his forecast, a new rebellion in the Russian Federation is now a matter of a short period of time and the processes have been launched.

“They are accustomed to a luxurious life in Europe, they are accustomed to a different life, and now they are being chased like dogs around the world. Countries are now banning the entry into their territories of cars with Russian license plates and many other processes, from which they have little joy. More Moreover, they will not be able to defeat our country by military means. And therefore, the question of when a rebellion will occur in Russia is a matter of a short period of time. Let’s see what time it will be, but the processes there have already been launched,” Danilov emphasized.

He believes that the oligarchic groups of the Russian Federation, which lived their own lives after the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, should forget about peace. The NSDC Secretary also revealed whether international partners are ready for the collapse of Russia.

“Many people realize, but some believe that this process can be controlled and things can be allowed to happen that will not allow Russia to disintegrate,” Danilov noted.

At the same time, he is convinced that no one will be able to influence these processes and “we will definitely see” the fragmentation of the Russian Federation.

The collapse of the Russian Federation – what experts say

The chairman of the inter-factional association for the decolonization of the Russian Federation, Oleg Dunda, believes that Russia is now following the path of the USSR in 1970-1980. The imperial policy of the Soviet government led to the collapse of the USSR, and  Russia itself will also collapse .

One of the leaders of the recently banned human rights group Memorial in the Russian Federation, Oleg Orlov, stated that  Russia is disintegrating in a powerful mixture of absurdity and repression, comparable to the era of Leonid Brezhnev in the Soviet Union.

Danilov noted that the situation was out of control, demonstrating that in Russia any military group can act independently, and any nuclear facility or weapon can be captured. The Kremlin cannot control such a large territory , and the second most powerful army in the world does not exist.

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  1. “According to his forecast, a new rebellion in the Russian Federation is now a matter of a short period of time and the processes have been launched.”

    That was my forecast almost ten years ago and I’m still waiting….;)

  2. It sounds too good to be true. I love Danilov. He eats nails for breakfast. I hope he’s right about this & the criminal Shitistan collapses in spectacular fashion. Tomorrow’s not too soon.

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