American tanks to arrive in Ukraine soon – Austin

19.09.2023 18:39

On the eve and during the 15th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in the Ramstein format, the representatives of about 50 countries announced new long-term commitments in support of Ukraine.

Some of them have been mentioned by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, following today’s meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

In particular, Austin noted that American M1 tanks will be arriving in Ukraine soon and will join the Leopard tanks that are already on the battlefield.

“American M1 tanks will be arriving in Ukraine soon. That will add another formidable armor capability to join the Leopards that are already on the battlefield,” Austin said.

Meanwhile, international partners are beginning their collective training on Ukraine’s future F-16 pilots.

Austin mentioned such countries as the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, which had recently announced their intent to donate F-16 fighter aircraft to Ukraine, as well as Poland, which had handed over more than 100 armored personnel carriers and tens of thousands of munitions to Ukkraine.

Recently, new military aid packages for Ukraine have been announced by Sweden (more than $300 million), Germany ($420 million) and Denmark ($833 million).

According to Austin, “this coalition of like-minded countries” continues to get Ukraine what it needs right now.

Austin expressed confidence that the Kremlin “cannot outlast the resolve and the courage of Ukraine and its many partners”.

A reminder that the 15th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in the Ramstein format took place on September 19, 2023.

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  1. Let’s see…Countries providing aid…Germany $420mm, Denmark $833mm…GDP Denmark…$395 billion, Germany $4.1 trillion. What do you think…a little disparity? Germany is better then 10 times larger and is providing 50% of what Denmark is providing. What am I missing?

    • The time factor, Cap. Germany is providing more of such weapon packages. Also, every country has its own accounting of the prices of delivered arms. Still, according to the Ukraine Support Tracker of the IfW, per capita Denmark is contributing about double as Germany does, indeed. As a German guy, I find it embarassing that Scholz is such a penny-pincher. In speeches, he’s grandstanding, but he doesn’t follow this up with actions, sadly.

  2. Ukraine will never win unless the AFU takes Moscow and removes Putler, Shoigu and Kadyrov from power. I will no longer support feel good propaganda. I’m in too close contact with refugees. Ukraine will have to negotiate. Had Obama ordered a decisive military response according to the Budapest ‘Memorandum’s guarantees a decade ago the situation would be different. But this war will not end until RuSSia agrees to a deal, period. With Prigo’s death the removal of Putler is even more unlikely now.

      • Yes. Ukraine’s Air Force = Zero. Ukraine’s Navy = Zero. Military aid = a joke. And Ukraine can only survive one offensive with huge losses. Even if all occupied territories would be temporarily liberated the AFU could not defend them in the long in the eye of a ruSSian general mobilization. As long as Putin’s RuSSia is still out there the invaders can come back any time and cause more mayhem, more suffering and more damage.

        • Sorry…Nope. Since when does negotiating with a tyrant ever, and I mean ever, turn into lasting peace…NEVER. Peace didn’t come to Europe during WW2, Peace came after Hitler was defeated. Can’t disagree with you more. There is no negotiating and frankly, history is on my side.

            • Do you really want to tell the millions of people who died fighting someone less formidable then Russia. Do you want to tell the millions including my forefathers that suffered u set both Stalin and Hitler. No sir, I believe you’re way off base on this one

        • It won’t be any different in a negotiated peace, Mike. Ukraine has no choice but to keep on fighting.

    • I believe it was General Eisenhower who said this, not sure if he did or it was a movie thing. But nonetheless the words have meaning regarding Overlord in WW2. Putin needs to be stopped. There is no negotiation.

      “Hundreds of thousands will be fighting to return home. But if they do not offer the sacrifice in blood now, we will all pay dearly with added gallons later. So if some must die, it is in a worthy cause.”

      We will pay later in added gallons. Too bad Obama didn’t heed these words in 2014.

    • As if a few shitty tanks would impress the invaders. The military aid is a fucking joke! Only a massive NATO intervention with a UN mandate could restore Ukraine’s borders.

      • No it’s not the overwhelming force we want, but it beats throwing rocks at the rashists and bashing their heads in with rifle butts and shovels!

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