Ukrainian General: AFU Aim To Close Enemy In Huge Strategic ‘Bag’

Ukraine’s defence forces have moved to tactical-level counter-offensive operations.


Ukraine’s counter-offensive is entering a decisive phase, as the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been attacking various enemy positions for a long time. Thanks to this, the reserves of the occupiers have been reduced. This was the main task of the preparatory phase of the offensive.

Mykola Malomuzh, an army general and former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, told 24 Channel that the AFU is now turning to counter-offensive operations at the tactical level.

Preparatory phase of tactical operations is being completed

Ukrainian servicemen continue to destroy enemy resources in those sectors where it is advantageous for them to deliver powerful strikes from the latest weaponry, which can eliminate a colossal number of enemy forces.

– Cluster munitions or HIMARS strikes, long-range artillery strikes at 40 to 60 kilometres, literally destroy all the enemy’s resources, as well as their fortified positions in the east and south,” the army general noted.

According to Malomuzh, the preparatory phase of tactical actions is over and the phase of strategic offensive operations is beginning. However, this is still theoretical, because this is war and the enemy is also developing various options.

Meanwhile, the Russians are running out of reserves, so they are withdrawing airborne units and fire systems of various types from the Kupyansk direction and sending them to the Zaporizhzhia direction in the Tokmak area. After all, the enemy knows that here the Ukrainian forces will break through his defences, cut communications and move towards the Sea of Azov.

The liberation of Tokmak is crucial

Meanwhile, the occupiers, realising the inevitability of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, are strengthening the fortifications of Tokmak and considering options for retreat.

After all, the enemy knows that this town is its logistical artery – 75% of supplies – manpower, equipment, ammunition – from the eastern region to the front pass through Tokmak. And only 25% – via the Kerch bridge.

– Today, the liberation of Tokmak is crucial, because then the defence forces will completely cut off all enemy communications. And if they go on to liberate Berdyansk and Melitopol, they will reach the Sea of Azov. And then there will be a semi-envelopment of a large sectoral group of Russians in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. And if we attack from the side of Kherson, then there will be a complete encirclement of them, said the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

Such actions of the AFU will allow to close the enemy in a huge strategic “bag” without communication from the East and from Crimea.

“This is already a strategic operation, which will make it possible to liberate the temporarily occupied south and, in the long term, the east of Ukraine as well,” Mykola Malomuzh said.


  1. Most people think that killing the enemy and destroying his materiel is what war is all about. This is true to a certain extent. But, cutting off his supplies is the single most effective way to defeat him. If you got him in a bag, you can even wait for starvation to set in, thus, saving the lives of your soldiers. This probably won’t be possible on Ukraine proper, but maybe on the Crimea.
    I think a major use of ATACMS, and, if they should ever come, the Taurus cruise missiles, will be to do just that; eliminate the roach logistic system and supply depots.

    • Long range fires are crucial I’d say.
      Storms would do the trick, but they haven’t got the huge numbers needed.
      Besides, Storms are ASM’s and ATACMS are SSM’s.
      Kill 1000 orcs/day and they might be gone in a year. Take out 3000 each and every day and the putinaZis position becomes untenable.

      • Having the right air force could do a lot to achieve eliminating those numbers of orcs. Fück the WH and its lies about Ukraine not needing planes.

  2. “Today, the liberation of Tokmak is crucial, because then the defence forces will completely cut off all enemy communications.”

    I’m no military guy, but Ukraine don’t need to liberate Tokmak. If they can get fire control over the highway from Berdiansk to Tokmak, then the orcs will have huge logistics problems.

    • You’re right about this, foccusser. But, the catchphrase is “complete control”. This should include control in the night. If this is not possible, having fire control only during the day is not worth so much. This, however, could be achieved by drones with night vision capabilities. At any rate, they need to get closer, for sure.

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