Seven top Ukraine defense officials dismissed in major shakeup (video)


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  1. From what I have read, whenever a defence minister resigns or is fired, his deputies have to resign along with him. This is Ukrainian law, so the title is misleading.

  2. I still think Zelensky is a bit of a clown, being more concerned about image than reality.
    Reznikov was a very capable man and there is no evidence whatsoever of him profiting from corruption.

    Of course in an operation bigger than any other since WWII there inevitably will be things going wrong.

    I think if you really want to tackle corruption you are not installing newbies that don’t know the Ministry yet.

    Of course if there was evidence of Reznikov doing things wrongly he should be sacked.

    But Zelensky is known to sack his best people for no valid reason, like Honcharuk, Riabuchapka and many others.

    • Zelensky should be very careful with such measures, unless they are warranted. Most Ukrainians think that he should also take responsibility for any corruption or other wrongdoing.

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