Russian Troops Killed After Rogue Soldier Fires Machine Gun at Commander


Ukrainians training on Russian T72B3 tanks on September 8, 2023, in Ukraine. The Astra Telegram channel reported that three Russian personnel died in Ukraine’s Kherson region after an argument broke out. GETTY IMAGES

Three Russian military personnel died after a soldier opened fire following an argument with his commander, a Russian language outlet reported.

Russia’s Investigative Committee, which probes serious crimes, is examining what happened overnight on September 2 in the village of Raiskoye, in the occupied Kherson oblast district of Kakhovsky, Astra reported.

A soldier named as A.A. Misyuraev started shooting during an argument with his commander, A.V. Kugai, Astra said. The commander and another serviceman, named as A.A. Khrebtov, died in the altercation.

As Misyuraev tried to escape the scene by car, other soldiers shot at him with a machine gun and he died on the spot, according to Astra, which reported that a criminal case has not yet been started.

Newsweek has contacted the Russian defense ministry by email for comment.

Other Ukrainian news outlets also reported the incident, noting that it was the latest involving Russian troops being killed in shootouts among themselves.

Ukraine’s Channel 24 reported that a drunken shootout in the village of Dnipriany, also in the occupied Kherson region, led to the deaths of five Russian soldiers.

Separately last month, at least four people were killed during a shootout in the village of Urzuf, near Mariupol, involving Chechen troops.

On September 13, four people died during a shootout among Russian troops in the port city of Sevastopol, in occupied Crimea, when law enforcement officers mistook soldiers for saboteurs, the outlet said.

Meanwhile, two troops fighting for Moscow were killed in a shootout in the village of Mikhailovka in Zaporizhzhia oblast, according to the channel, which said such incidents were common.

The latest incident in Kherson comes as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it had received confirmation that Russia was holding prisoner the mayor of the city of Kherson, Ihor Kolykhaiev. He was seized on June 29, 2022, after he refused to collaborate with Moscow’s occupying forces.

Kolykhaiev’s son, Sviatoslav, told Ukrainian news outlet Suspilne that Moscow had officially confirmed to the ICRC on September 13 that Kolykhaiev was being held at an undisclosed location within Russia and that he had faced more than a year of torture.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s forces said it had liberated the settlement of Klishchiivka in the Donetsk Oblast, which Kyiv hopes will create a bridgehead for further operations in its counteroffensive aimed at retaking Russian-occupied territory.

Ukrainian military spokesperson Illia Yevlash said on Sunday that the gain will mean Russian forces will lose control over the southern flank of Bakhmut, allowing the Ukrainian military to advance deeper.

He said the main goal is to take control of logistical routes, especially the railway, which Moscow needs to transport ammunition to the city of Bakhmut.


  1. I enjoy stories like this one. Too bad there isn’t a zero or two behind the number of roaches killed.
    And, just the other day, we had a story of three other roaches who blew themselves up with a grenade.

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