Russia is offended by Finland and leaves the Euro-Arctic Council

Ekaterina Girnyk21:49, 18.09.23

This decision was made in Russia after Finland “did not confirm its readiness” to transfer the chairmanship to it in October.

Russia is withdrawing from the membership of the Barents Euro- Arctic Council (BEAC), Russian media report citing the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the department, this decision was made after Finland “did not confirm its readiness” to transfer the chairmanship to Russia in October 2023, “in violation of the principle of rotation, disrupting the necessary preparatory activities.” It notes that “Russia will continue to implement its national objectives in the North.”

Council of the Euro-Arctic Region – what is known

The Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) was established as a forum for regional cooperation on January 11, 1993. It included Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Finland and Sweden as permanent members, as well as the European Commission. Nine more countries have observer status. Since March 2022, the last of the Arctic structures , BEAC stopped cooperation with the Russian Federation.

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    • After their crimes in Georgia 2008 and Ukraine 2014 who knows? Even if you forgive them for 2008 there is no forgiveness after 2014. And now, 2022?! The Moskali have proven themselves to be filthy lying animals so for them to be part of an international organization is foolish because they are not there for the interest of anything except ruzzki mir. Period.

      • If their presence in such an organization is foolish, which it is, then those allowing them to be a member are fools. This includes us. It’s that simple.

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