Kommersant: China’s restrictions on the export of drones have led to interruptions in supplies to Russia

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Restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities on the export of drones have complicated their deliveries to Russia and also led to a shortage of some components, including thermal imagers. Kommersant  reports this .

At the end of July, Chinese authorities announced a temporary restriction on the export of drones, components and equipment for their production. The restrictions were introduced to “protect national security and interests of the country.” The ban includes long-range civilian drones weighing more than four kilograms, which are capable of staying in the air for more than half an hour, transporting objects and dropping them on the ground. 

Kommersant claims that these restrictions have led to the suspension of supplies of components and drones themselves weighing more than four kilograms, and for some types there is already a shortage, including agrodrones (used in agriculture), which weigh on average 30-40 kilograms and are produced in Russia in single copies. 

Now, in order to export equipment, a Chinese supplier must obtain a license from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and permission from the customs service, providing information about the final recipient. In turn, the authorities will check the recipient for presence on sanctions lists related to “military activities or actions undesirable for China.” Kommersant notes that China has banned the export of any drones if they are used for military purposes. According to market participants, this has led to the suspension of supplies even of those products that do not fall under the imposed restrictions. 

Most of Russia’s major drone manufacturers say they have restocked parts in advance. They note that their suppliers are now trying to begin obtaining licenses. Review of applications and paperwork can take from six months to a year.

General Director of Transport of the Future Yuri Kozarenko said that the situation is “heating up.” According to him, deliveries are currently underway, processed before September 1, but the company has already felt a change in work with customs, treasury services and banks in China. RuDrones CEO Dmitry Datsykov said that in August, drone manufacturers exported in bulk everything they could: “Cameras, sensors, engine controllers, anti-UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] devices.”

Several Kommersant interlocutors said that Russian departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Trade, do not participate in negotiations with colleagues from China and do not help in arranging supplies.

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  1. Remember their joint statement: the bilateral partnership between China and Russia has “no limits”.

    Al Capone wasn’t shouting from the rooftops which border bridges he would use to smuggle his whiskey!

    China will never let go of the Orcs. They will continue to supply them with their technology at all costs. Via N-Korea?

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