In Donetsk “arrival” according to the Pushilin administration (video)

Yury Kobzar15:20, 18.09.23

In the center of Donetsk, it “flew” into the building where the city’s occupation authorities meet.

In Donetsk, they “flew” into the building where the occupation administration, headed by the leader of the “DPR” group Denis Pushilin , is based . Footage from the scene of the attack appeared online.

It is not yet clear what exactly the strike was caused by – a rocket or an artillery shell. Also, at the moment there is no information about whether anyone from the leadership of the occupation administration was in the affected building.

Russian public pages report that the center of Donetsk was fired allegedly from the Grad MLRS. Two people were also reported injured. The Ukrainian authorities have not yet officially commented on the incident.

Strike on Donetsk

Consequences of arrival

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  1. Donetsk is around 12km from the frontline, so well within range of Himar’s. Time to shake Pushilin and the other scum, up a little.

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