Giant letter Z set on fire overnight in Russian city of Belgorod



A structure in the shape of a letter Z was set on fire in the Russian city of Belgorod on the night of 17-18 September.

[The letter Z is a staunchly pro-war symbol in Russia, supporting Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which appears on billboards, public buildings, clothing worn by those who are pro-war, etc. – ed.]

Source: Belgorod Mayor Valentin Demidov on

Quote: “Last night at 00:29, unknown persons set fire to the Z-letter structure installed near Vatutin Avenue.

A camera recorded the time of the arson, and the video was handed over to the police. Investigative and search activities are underway.”

Details: He added that the camera also recorded cars stopping and “trying to help”.

The mayor claims that the structure was virtually undamaged.

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