Genocide in Ukraine: the representative of the Russian Federation at the trial in The Hague blatantly lied and accused Ukrainians of Nazism

Anastasia Gorbacheva15:14, 18.09.23

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Gennady Kuzmin ranked Zelensky among the “fathers of Nazism in Ukraine.”

The representative of the Russian Federation at the International Court of Justice in The Hague refused to recognize the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin dated February 2022. We are talking about a full-scale invasion of Ukraine to combat the alleged “genocide” in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Ukraine insists Moscow abused the Genocide Convention to begin invading the country. A number of statements by President Putin, Security Council Secretary Dmitry Medvedev, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Russian ambassadors to the UN and EU were cited as evidence.

The representative of the Russian Federation in court, Gennady Kuzmin, denies these statements. According to him, Moscow started the war “under Article 51 of the UN Charter on self-defense, and this has nothing to do with the genocide convention.”

“Ukraine says that Russia used the word “genocide” to describe the actions of the Ukrainian authorities. But statements cannot be a violation,” the Russian diplomat was quoted as saying by the European Pravda publication.

At the same time, Kuzmin voiced Russian propaganda narratives about Ukraine’s struggle against the “peoples of Donbass,” and also spoke about deeply rooted “Nazism” among Ukrainians.

“The Nazis in Ukraine come from the OUN, a Nazi collaborator,” said the Russian representative in The Hague.

In addition, she named “the three fathers of Ukrainian Nazism” – Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych, Andriy Melnik, and also included the current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky among them.

“Zelensky named the Ukrainian Armed Forces brigade “Edelweiss” in honor of the Nazi “Edelweiss,” the diplomat continued.

Based on false Kremlin narratives, the Russian side demanded that the Ukrainian complaint be rejected as unacceptable.

It is worth noting that Kuzmin forgot about the units called “Edelweiss” as part of the FSIN and the Russian Guard. Until 2018, at least two Russian units had this name:

  • a special forces detachment of internal troops (part of the Russian Guard), stationed in the Stavropol Territory. Renamed “Avangard” in 2018;
  • special purpose detachment of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Altai Republic. Also in 2018, he celebrated his 25th anniversary.

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  1. I remember an article explaining that at a certain time Russia had hunted down neo-Nazis in Russia and that some had fled repression in Ukraine…
    Putinian Russia is truly the seat of vice.

    when poutine was working in the field and breaking into people’s homes as part of his activities, he liked to shit in the people being inspected without flushing the toilet so that they would understand that they had been visited… that sums up the guy well. .. he had never done anything other than shit on other people…

  2. I know that judges in any court hear every lie conceivable by man, so do the judges in The Hague laugh or puke when they listen to these blatant lies?

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