General Staff showed video of joint missile launches from Ukrainian Uragan and Bureviy multiple launch rocket systems

September 18, 2023

The Ukrainian Defence Forces are not only using Western multiple rocket launchers. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has shown the combat performance of the two Ukrainian systems.

Here’s What We Know

The video demonstrates how the “Bureviy” and “Uragan” launch missiles. It should be noted that the first multiple rocket launcher system is built on the basis of the second. Both use rockets of 220 mm calibre.

“Bureviy” (pictured below) is a new Ukrainian development. The multiple rocket launcher system was adopted into service last year. Their number is not specified at the moment, but it is known that the Ukrainian Defence Forces have at least two units. But such videos are very rare.

The launcher is mounted on a Tatra T815-7 chassis with 8×8 wheel arrangement. “Bureviy” uses the same missiles as “Uragan” with a launch range of up to 35 kilometres. It is possible that the system has already received new rockets that can hit targets at a distance of 65 kilometres. They are being developed as part of the Typhoon-2 programme, but we do not know if the project has been completed.

The BM-27 Uragan (pictured above) is a more common system. According to open source data, two years ago the Ukrainian Armed Forces had more than a hundred combat vehicles. The warhead from the BM-27 Uragan is also used in the Bastion-03 multiple launch rocket system.

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