Ukrainian Pilots Test Swedish Gripen fighters. (video)


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  1. Excellent! Without doubt, the STOL-capable Gripen is even better suited for the conditions of the Uirainian war than the F-16. To be able to take off from improvised runways, as shown in the video, is a big plus. Would be great if Sweden delivers jets from its reserves. Apparently, the country has revved up production of the newest variant now, so, next year, there should be a surplus of older jets that could be delivered to Ukraine. With Gripen and F-16, the power of the UAF to fight back against the RuSSkies would be very much improved. That would be a whole new ballgame!

    • There is one other country I know of that could supply a few Gripens as well. Here is hoping that the completion of training means Ukraine will be getting some soon.

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