Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Military Base in Svitlodarsk With JDAM Smart Bombs

17 September 2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

​”How did we not fall asleep?” – Russian occupiers showed the consequences of the arrival of JDAM at their base in Svetlodarsk The Russian military has released video of the first minutes after JDAM bombs hit its location in occupied Svetlodarsk.

Ukrainian Defense Forces hit Russian army positions in occupied Svetlodarsk, 20 km south of Bakhmut, with two JDAM bombs. Footage of the attack, filmed by a drone, was first released by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Soon, the video of the first minutes after the “arrival” was leaked from the Russian side. Both videos are available on the Ukraine 365 Telegram channel.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched two strikes at the location of the Russian occupation army in Svetlodarsk. It is known that JDAM guided bombs were used in the operation.

Kremlin propaganda lies that the strike supposedly hit a civilian target. However, this is not true. The video from the arrival site is being filmed by the Russian occupier. Judging by his words, he and his colleagues were in the building that came under attack. He also complains that they lost their vehicles due to the attack.

“How the hell didn’t we fall asleep there? Let’s go on foot. The cars were torn up (broken – ed.), b*tch,” the Russian military man says in the video.

Also in the background, you can hear shouts: “Are there 200s? Are there 300s?” This is military terminology for dead and wounded military personnel.

Earlier, JDAM near Avdeevka turned the base of the assault battalion of the Russian Armed Forces into dust. We also wrote that footage of a JDAM-ER attack on a communications center of the Russian Armed Forces appeared.

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