The naval blockade of the ports of Greater Odessa has been broken! This is the result of successful actions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces

On September 16, two Turkish bulk carriers broke through the Russian naval blockade in the northwestern part of the Black Sea and moored in the port of Chernomorsk in the evening.

The bulk carrier AROYAT arrived first at about 6 p.m., four hours later RESILIENT AFRICA moored.

Both ships are Palau-flagged and operated by Turkish operators from offices in Istanbul. AROYAT has a length of 148 meters, a deadweight of about 18 thousand tons, RESILIENT AFRICA is even smaller – 76 meters and a deadweight of just over 3 thousand tons.

The successful voyage of bulk carriers was made possible thanks to extensive preliminary work by the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Industry experts agree that a serious breakthrough has occurred – Ukraine has taken on its own to ensure shipping in the region and the safety of the new temporary corridor.

This was facilitated by the recent successful actions of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces to  regain control of the so-called “Boiko towers”, the destruction of Russian radar and air defense systems in the Yevpatoriya area and on Cape Tarkhankut , as well as attacks by unmanned fire ships on Russian ships.

With such efforts, we proved that the northwestern part of the Black Sea is controlled by the Ukrainian side.

It should be noted that, having created this corridor through its own efforts, Ukraine did not bind itself to any agreements or obligations with the UN, that is, now we can export any products of Ukrainian origin, including steel and cast iron.



  1. “Ukraine did not bind itself to any agreements or obligations with the UN”

    Smart move, an agreement with the UN is about as useful as an agreement with mafia land.

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