Republican senators demand that Biden immediately hand over ATACMS missiles to Ukraine

 17 SEPTEMBER 2023

Four Republican senators have called on US President Joseph Biden to immediately supply ATACMS long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine news agency with reference to the statement

Quote: “We write to urge you to immediately send MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) to Ukraine. Additional delay will only further undermine U.S. national security interests and extend this conflict.”

Details: The senators’ statement notes that the provision of ATACMS will allow Ukraine to strike at key Russian logistics and communications facilities, as well as at the launch sites of cruise missiles and drones in the territory of Ukraine occupied by Russia.

“In particular, the longer-range unitary warhead variant of ATACMS should be sent without delay. The recent Ukrainian strike on Sevastopol naval port using the British Storm Shadow long-range weapon demonstrated the battlefield effectiveness of such weapons,” the text says.

It is added that the provision of missiles to Ukraine will maximise the likelihood of success of its current counteroffensive and further operations. ATACMS could also enhance Ukraine’s ability to destroy Russian defence formations.

Earlier: The United States and Germany are discussing the transfer of ATACMS and Taurus long-range missiles to Ukraine. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stressed that it is up to the Ukrainian Armed Forces to decide how they will use the US missiles.

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  1. Members of our government have been urging the fossil to send many other items, too, during this entire horrible war, but Biden is too weak, too cowardly, and too old to make fast and decisive moves. He is just not the right person to be president during times of crisis. He belongs in a nursing home.

  2. It would be good to know the names of these Senators and what level of support do they command in the party?
    We certainly know who’s name is definitely not on that list though.
    We know that the soon to retire Mitt Romney thinks that his pro-Ukraine position is now a minority one in the party.
    I hope he’s wrong, but I doubt if he’d make such a claim if he was unsure.

  3. This is an extract from Wiki. Ukraine are dealing with incompetence on the highest scale. First Ukraine are told they don’t need them. Then Ukraine are told the US don’t have enough for themselves. Finally we have Biden claiming ATACM’s are still in play. 6 fucking months have passed, and still the excuses keep coming. The US should either go all in, or get the fuck out of it, then deal with the resulting war with China, and russia on the border with Poland.

    “There was speculation in August 2022 that ATACMS, among a number of possibilities, was used by Ukraine for attacks on Crimean airbases that month. On 24 August, Undersecretary of Defense For Policy, Colin Kahl said: “It’s our assessment that they don’t currently require ATACMS to service targets that are directly relevant to the current fight. You know, we’ll obviously continue to have conversations with the Ukrainians about their needs, but it’s our judgment at the moment that we should be focusing on GMLRS, not ATACMS.” In February 2023 Laura Cooper, the Pentagon’s top official for Russia and Ukraine, said ATACMS won’t be sent, due to the US having too few of them. However, in late May 2023 President Biden said that ATACMS were “still in play” for Ukraine. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 authorized the production and procurement of up to 1,700 additional ATACMS systems.”

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