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Veronika Prokhorenko19:32, 17.09.23

The opposition leader Abubakar Yangulbaev announced the death of the Chechen leader. There is a very strange situation in the building of the Central Bureau of Investigation in Moscow.

In Moscow, the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, probably died after a vigorous morning run , which his press service tried to deceive everyone on the morning of September 17 because of rumors that he was in a coma.

Chechen oppositionist Abubakar Yangulbayev announced Kadyrov’s death in Telegram . Against the background of this news, the Kremlin raised helicopters, motorcades of the Chechen elite are converging on Kadyrov’s hospital, reports the VChK-OGPU project . 

“Two helicopters took off from the side of the Kremlin in the direction of Vnukovo one after the other,” the message reads.

Кремль підняв літаки через ймовірну смерть КадироваThe Kremlin raised the planes because of the alleged death of Kadyrov

There is also a strange situation near the Central Clinical Hospital of Moscow. Kadyrov’s “friends” drive there in expensive cars: a Maybach, a Porsche Cayenne, four Gelendwagens, two BMWs, and so on are spotted there in just one hour.

“One by one, expensive cars with Chechen license plates or those of other subjects, but with Chechen residents in the cabin, drive into the main Kremlin hospital,” the project states.

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It is clarified that the Chechen elite are allowed into the building of the Central Bank without inspection, while other visitors are thoroughly checked. 

Earlier it was reported that it was in this hospital that Kadyrov was tried to be cured of a fatal disease.

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    • Maybe his “famous last words”, and he died immediately after this pro-jogging video? Tiktok, his time had come! 🙂
      Which reminds me of Winston Churchill’s health advice: “No sports!”
      Churchill died at age 90, Kadyrov didn’t even reach 47.

  1. So did he suddenly pop out of a coma, go for a jog, make his last tiktok video, and then die? If that is indeed the case then both stories could be true.

  2. Can this be trusted? I don’t trust any reports anymore, about this and other mafia creatures, unless reported by several reputable sources.

    • Newsnow which gathers stories from countless media outlets, has no mention of this story whatsoever. I think it is fake. It is claimed the Chechen opposition released this info. on Telegram, but my wife found nothing on Telegram either.

      • Veth posted a link to a telegram message in comments above. That’s rather weak evidence, though. So, I agree, we can’t be certain yet. It may “only” be a coma, not exitus. Could be that the Kremlin artificially keeps his heart beating after brain death, to gain time for installing new leadership in Chechnya. That won’t be easy, since Russia has no troops left to spare in case of an uprising there. Would be great if Chechens exploited this opportunity to free themselves of Russian rule.

      • It would be too good to have this little fat shit nugget to finally kick the bucket. If it is indeed fake, what purpose is this supposed to fulfill?

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