From the FB page; We Stand By Ukraine

Canela Lisa Paris Wray-Diaz

Sept 17

From “The Analyst”

Many of you know my deep background is war planning. My preference is naval warfare, that was my arm of the forces. My ‘Devils Advocate’ capabilities took me elsewhere in NATO. A devil’s advocate is rarely liked or appreciated by those who don’t know you, or what you can do.

My capacity to ‘stand in the shoes’ of anyone – good or evil – in simple terms and understand and explain their view, their attitudes, their motivations, their desires and the ideas they espouse is frightening to many. They don’t understand that the the 360 degree ability to look at something from every angle and explain it as though I believed it – especially if it’s pretty awful, well it’s hard to grasp. You do have to be careful in this one dimensional world where subtlety and objectivity have been expunged by soundbites and one minute vlogs. That’s why I never allow video and sound recordings of what I do – it’s too easy to distort spoken words and images and take them out of context. And there are people on Telegram and others that can’t wait for such an opportunity. I also learned long ago you never argue with people on line. They believe what they believe and you’re wasting your time. All I can do is offer an as truthful explanation as I can.

So just in case anyone anywhere is in any doubt.
I understand Russia. I get Putin. I know why he thinks like he does and I know why he operates the way he operates. That doesn’t mean I like him. And in case you’re wondering, I hate Russia. As a nation, as a concept, it’s the most miserable failed state on the planet. It’s people are mostly dim and ignorant. They live in a society and a country that really isn’t eastern or western and it certainly lives in the delusion it’s even vaguely European.

Its inability to become a democratic country, or even pretend it’s anywhere near being one, condemns it to an endless cycle of authoritarianism in one format or another.

Every country has nice people. Even some Russians are tolerable and wish their country wasn’t like it is. Most of them don’t live there anymore or wish they didn’t.
Russia will lie, fabricate, cheat and steal whatever it takes to get what it wants.

It respects only strength, and more to the point it respects only those who win against it. Even when it concedes, it’s only waiting for the first opportunity to get you back. That’s a deep Russian cultural trait. Nothing is forgotten. Ever. That’s why people do nothing about the regime. Because they know that eventually they’ll get it back. In the meantime they wait it out. Like the Chinese, the Russians know patience.

They know they only have to wait out western popular resolve and especially, American popular understanding, that switches on and off based on what the last candidate said. If they can just keep it going, Ukraine will be forced to negotiate as the weapons run out. That’s the plan.

Ukraine isn’t perfect. It’s had a lot to deal with and it’s first 30 years have been really rough. But like anything organic that’s forced to face extraordinary adversity, it’s ideals and it’s desires have been crystallised into a fine diamond of hardness and brilliance by war. Ukraine suddenly knows who and what it is and which direction it’s going in.

My entire life I have never taken or been offered the simple path. It’s never been easy – but you don’t learn or grow if it is. I know what it’s like to be undervalued and underestimated. There are many who learned from the mistakes of doing so. Just as the world has learnt that The Ukraine is Ukraine, that Kiev is Kyiv and it really matters. Even the Russian speakers in Ukraine now see themselves not as Russian, but Ukrainians.
We all learn and we all adapt and we stand up for what we believe in.

I believe in the basic good of The West & Democracy. It’s made mistakes but it’s core values are good ones. It’s people are generous and well meaning and good. It’s worth fighting for, Ukraine is fighting for it. By reading these words you are too.

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President Zelensky:

We are continuing to prepare for the Defense Industries Forum, the first event of its kind to take place in Ukraine. It will happen this autumn.

Interest in the Forum is very high. This fully reflects Ukraine’s strength and potential – our ability to defend ourselves and help other countries preserve freedom and international order. Already, 86 leading defense companies from around the world – representing 21 countries – have confirmed their participation in the Forum.

Our task is absolutely clear – to provide Ukraine with all the opportunities to produce weapons and ammunition, to provide modern technology to have reliable protection against any form of aggression. Moreover, of course, to share our defense experience among allies and partners. The world must be stronger than any threat to life from aggressors or terrorists.

Glory to Ukraine!




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  1. “I believe in the basic good of The West & Democracy. It’s made mistakes but it’s core values are good ones. It’s people are generous and well meaning and good. It’s worth fighting for, Ukraine is fighting for it.”

    So do I … believe in the West and democracy. But, we don’t have the right leaders in place right now. Not a single major Western country has anything close to a Churchill, Thatcher, Reagan, or Kennedy. We have soft, fluffy, wobbly, leaders who are better off in nursing homes, being hot dog salesmen, or shoe polishers, but not in place of such power. Such people are endangering the West and democracy by their weakness and lack of foresight. Our enemies know this. This is a major reason why this war is raging. This is a major reason why this war is not yet over. With such leaders, the next major war is already pre-programmed and waiting to erupt.
    And, looking at the presidential candidates with the highest ratings gives me nightmares.

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