A question of solidarity: Stoltenberg urged Germany to increase defense spending

Kateryna Girnyk10:15, 17.09.23

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The Secretary General of NATO considers the current distribution of the burden of military costs within NATO to be unfair.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg calls on  Germany to increase defense spending to the two percent of GDP stipulated by the NATO agreement, Süddeutsche Zeitung reports .

“I appeal to all allies, but as a large economy, Germany has more influence than others,” Stoltenberg said.

He recalled that at the NATO summit in Wales in 2014, a joint decision was made to gradually increase spending in order to bring defense spending up to 2% of GDP in all Alliance states. At the same time, Germany’s defense spending is currently 1.2 percent of GDP, according to a NATO statement.

Stoltenberg called the previously prevailing distribution of the defense burden within NATO “unfair.”

“It’s about solidarity and burden sharing. The US spends four percent of gross domestic product on defense, in Europe we’re closer to one percent. This is unfair burden sharing,” he said. 

Stoltenberg also believes that Germany bears a historical responsibility within the framework of the Alliance. “For many years, Germany has benefited from the security guarantees of collective defence, and now we must ensure that our eastern allies benefit from them,” he said. 

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    • How about 2% on defense and 2% on Ukraine. They can afford it and given Germany’s role in this freakin war, it’s the right thing to do…along with France.

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