The United States provided the Armed Forces with industrial 3D printers for printing spare parts on the battlefield

Iryna Pohorila21:36, 16.09.23

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The Pentagon noted that their appearance “completely changes the case” and opens up new opportunities for the Armed Forces.

The USA presented Ukraine with industrial 3D printers, which can be used to print spare parts of equipment that may fail or require maintenance right on the battlefield.

This was announced by William LaPlante, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Procurement and Sustainment, CNN reports . The Pentagon clarified that the Ukrainian military finished training in using these mechanisms last week. “American officials are helping the Armed Forces to repair remotely – a vital strategy, given that the US presence in Ukraine is limited to the embassy in Kyiv,” the official said.

“In August, we brought industrial 3D printers to Ukraine, and at the beginning of September, military training on handling this printer ended,” LaPlante commented.

He noted that “we are talking about a printer the size of a truck.” Their appearance “completely changes the case” and opens up new opportunities for the Armed Forces. The military will now be able to quickly repair trucks, missile systems and other Western weapons or equipment.

Use of 3D printing in Ukraine

In July, it became known that the first school in Europe is being built in Lviv using 3D printing . With the help of a printer, a new school building is being built, which is already in operation, but has become cramped for children. 100 elementary school students will study in the new building. 

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