The SSO declassified the details of the attack on the plant in Sevastopol

Antonina Dolomanzhi08:49, 16.09.23

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The military confirmed the successful destruction of enemy ships and returned to controlled territories.

The Special Operations Forces of Ukraine said that the attack on the plant in Sevastopol was made possible thanks to the penetration of a Ukrainian group of fighters into the enemy’s rear and their adjustment of fire.

Thus, the SSO received information from several sources about the probable location of the large landing ship “Minsk” and the diesel-electric submarine “Rostov-on-Don” at one of the ship repair enterprises in Sevastopol, the SSO reported.

Next, SSO operators were involved to identify targets, aim and adjust fire, as well as reconnaissance at the operational depth of the enemy. On boats, the group reached a safe place and moved to the shore thanks to underwater vehicles.

After penetrating the shore, the soldiers carried out identification and targeting. And later – during a direct hit – a group of fighters adjusted the fire and confirmed the destruction of the targets. After that, SSO fighters successfully returned to controlled territories.

The SSO clarified that these details are published a few days after a successful operation due to operational security issues, but in order to make the Russians understand that “there is no longer a safe place for them.”

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