The network showed the sunken missile ship of the Russian Federation “Samum” (photo)

Kateryna Schwartz12:24, 16.09.23

The vessel was towed for repairs.

The network showed the Russian missile ship “Samum” after the attack by the Ukrainian experimental drone “Sea Baby”.

In the published photo, the ship is being towed to Sevastopol Bay for repairs.

As previously reported, the Russian missile ship “Samum” was significantly damaged as a result of the attack.

“Yesterday (September 14), a maritime drone of the SBU bombed the Samum missile ship near the entrance to the Sevastopol Bay. The “Sea Baby” hit the rear right part of the Rashist ship, causing significant damage, and the ship lost speed,” sources told UNIAN in law enforcement agencies.

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  1. It’s almost as if you need a functioning dry dock to repair damages like this. Too bad Ivan the Chain Smoker dropped his cigarette in the only dry dock the Russians had in this area.

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