The defense forces of Ukraine hit the Russian base in Tokmok in a delicious way

Anastasia Gorbacheva21:36, 16.09.23

Ivan Fedorov noted that the closer the front, the more often there will be “cotton”

Ukrainian defenders destroyed the base of military equipment of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied Tokmok of the Zaporizhzhia region . We should not wait for a gesture of “good will” from the occupiers.

“Tokmak’s omen: there are more arrivals – fewer occupiers. Today, Tokmak, which the occupiers turned into a military base, was loud again,” Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorova reported  on his Telegram channel.

He indicated that the Russian occupiers and their equipment had “flown” to the location of the base. According to him, “arrivals” will become more frequent in Tokmok as the front line approaches.

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