Russians Shoot Their Own Soldiers Due To Mass Surrender During Liberation Of Andriivka

The commander of the 3rd assault brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces revealed the details.


During a counter-offensive operation in Andriivka, Volnovakha district, Donetsk region, the Russian command gave the order to shoot at their own soldiers. The reason for this phantasmagoric decision was the mass surrender of the invaders to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Commander of the 3rd assault brigade and the founder of the Azov regiment Andriy Biletsky spoke about this on his Telegram-канале.

It was his fighters who were engaged in the liberation of a strategically important settlement.

“A hit. There is silence at the command post, everyone has turned grey. The smoke clears — all our targets, one prisoner torn to pieces, two were lucky, and they were taken out to live. In war, luck plays a role,” said the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Biletsky considered that Russia carried out a fantastic operation to destroy its own soldiers. He also assured that the main footage from Andriivka, where the Ukrainian flag was restored, is still to come.


  1. Too bad the AFU can’t take out those murder troops in the rear, who kill their own men. This might do more to make the roach front lines to collapse than anything else.

  2. These russians were doomed no matter what they did. Surrender and they will be killed by the TikToks in the rear, or refuse to surrender and be killed by Ukrainians. Either way, it’s fewer orcs to worry about.

  3. Fewer orcs captured also means fewer orcs to exchange to bring captured Ukrainian soldiers back to Ukraine. And unfortunately there are still a lot of them.

    Depending on the reality of the terrain and the combat, Ukraine must capture as many as possible. The Nazis in the Kremlin, even after the conflict was resolved, could very well keep a certain number of soldiers in prison for life. An Orcland classic: slowly killing their opponents in filthy cells.

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