Russian Tu-160 bombers received Kh-BD cruise missiles with a range of more than 6,500 kilometers

12:27, 16 September 2023Source: 

Ministry of Defense of the Russian

Russian supersonic strategic bombers Tu-160 received new Kh-BD cruise missiles. This is stated in a video by the Russian Ministry of Defense, published after the visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the Knevichi airfield in the Primorsky Territory.

“It carries an X-BD missile with a range of more than 6,500 kilometers,” said Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash, commander of long-range aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, during Kim’s visit to the airfield. According to him, the aircraft’s carrying capacity is 100 tons. As Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu explained, the Tu-160 is equipped with two cassettes of six missiles each.

During his visit to Vladivostok, Kim Jong-un was shown the Kinzhal and Kalibr missile systems, as well as the frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov.

The first reports of the development of the Kh-BD cruise missile appeared in 2017. It was not reported that the missiles entered service with the Russian army.

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