Cuba opposes participation of its citizens as mercenaries in war

16.09.2023 01:38

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said on Thursday, September 14, his country rejects the participation of its citizens as mercenaries in war.

That’s according to Reuters, Ukrinform reports.

“The unequivocal and unswerving position of the Cuban government, in accordance with its national legislation, is contrary to the participation of Cuban citizens in conflicts of any sort and against mercenarism and trafficking in persons,” Rodriguez said on social media.

Cuban authorities said those fighting for hire as mercenaries or involved in trafficking could face long prison sentences or even the death penalty, depending on the severity of the crime.

Cuba’s ambassador in Moscow, Julio Antonio Garmendia Pena, earlier said his government did not oppose the legal participation of its citizens in Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Last week Cuban authorities said they had arrested 17 people on charges related to a ring of human traffickers that allegedly had lured young Cuban men to serve in the Russian military amid the Ukraine conflict.



    • Indeed. Let’s remember that Cuba did sent soldiers to ssupport many African countries in wars in the past. But I guess the difference is that this time, they see that Rusdia is the wrong side to pick. Seems like they don’t have much confidence in Putin winning this war. Plus, they’re a small country and to send its young people into the meat grinders in Ukraine is too much of a blood toll. They certainly read the news and know that of new inexperienced units like the 72nd almost nobody survives. Cubans are quite brave people, but they’re not suicidally crazy.

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