Attack on the Russian missile ship “Samum”: Zhdanov assessed the damage and made a forecast

Kateryna Schwartz11:10, 16.09.23

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The ship was shot down by the Ukrainian experimental drone “Sea Baby”.

The Russian Samum missile ship damaged during the attack by the Ukrainian Sea Baby drone is unlikely to have time to be repaired in Sevastopol before the liberation of the occupied Crimea,  military expert Oleg Zhdanov assumed .

“Despite all attempts to destroy the drone and prevent a collision, the UAV hit the rear right part of the Rashist ship, causing significant damage to this ship. As a result of this attack, the ship did not sink, did not lose its buoyancy, but it completely lost its course, it has a large trim on the stern and roll to the starboard side. In such a skewed form, the Russians managed to pull this ship into the Sevastopol Bay, – noted the expert. – The ship will be repaired, and I think that it is unlikely that they will have time to repair it in Sevastopol before we liberate Crimea. And in this condition towing it across the sea is simply unrealistic.”

At the same time, Zhdanov stressed that the experimental Ukrainian drone was operating in storm conditions: “The wave height was 1.5-2 meters.

In addition, the expert drew attention to the fact that the UAV attacked the ship near the Sevastopol Bay: “There should be the largest concentration of all means of intelligence, protection and defense.”

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  1. The repair capabilities of the Russian Navy seem to be rather low anyway: “Media: Damaged Russian Flagship Admiral Makarov Cannot Move Independently” (Charter 97)
    After almost a year, still not repaired, just an inoperational hulk! Under these circumstances, it’s safe to assume that damaged russian warships will be out for many years, with most of them eventually becoming scrap metal. With the increasing abilities of the Ukrainian Navy to fight back, the end of Putin’s Black Sea flotilla is coming nearer with every counterattack. If the wannabe Tsar wants to preserve some naval power, he needs to end his crazy war soon. Or else Russia will sink to the status of Georgia in that region.

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