The Russian missile ship Samum was damaged near Sevastopol: what is known

Vitaly Saenko17:01, 15.09.23

A naval drone hit the rear right side of a Russian vessel that had lost speed.

The Russian missile ship Samum received significant damage near Sevastopol as a result of a strike by an experimental Sea Baby drone from the Security Service of Ukraine.

“Yesterday, an SBU naval drone attacked the Samum missile ship near the entrance to Sevastopol Bay. The Sea Baby hit the rear right side of the Russian ship, causing significant damage, and the ship lost speed,” law enforcement sources told UNIAN.

At the same time, as a result of the attack, the Russian occupiers “had to tow the Samum for repairs with a large trim to the stern and a list to starboard.”

“For this attack, the SBU used an experimental model of a marine drone, which is capable of operating in a storm, hiding from detection behind high waves. During the special operation, the height of the waves reached 1.5 – 2 m,” the sources added.

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