Maritime Drone Attacks Russian Missile Ship Askold

The attack took place in the Black Sea.


According to the Russian Defence Ministry, an unmanned AFU drone attacked the Russian missile ship Askold in the Black Sea on the morning of 15 September.

There is currently no official information from the AFU about this attack, UNIAN reported.

The unmanned boats are maritime kamikaze drones. The AFU do not deny using them to attack the Russian navy.

Moreover, the head of the SBU, Vasyl Malyuk, recently said that the Ukrainian surface drones, which in particular successfully attacked the Crimean bridge, the Russian landing ship Olenegorsk Miner and the tanker SIG, are the service’s own technical development.

“Maritime surface drones are a unique development of the SBU. No private companies have anything to do with this development,” he stressed.

The drones are called SeaBaby and are equipped with an 850 kg warhead.


  1. “The drones are called SeaBaby and are equipped with an 850 kg warhead.”

    If the image above is of the Askold, and it got struck by those 850 kg of explosives, it might have joined the Moskva. It seems to be a smaller ship, and that amount of kaboom won’t leave much left to float.

    • I liked Denys Davydov’s idea of putting rockets on the “Sea Babies”. If the vessel opens fire on it, Sea Baby would have an instant reply.

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