The damage inflicted on Russia justifies investment in Ukraine, the Republican senator said

Oleg Davigora23:34, 14.09.23

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The senator from the state of Utah criticized the critics of funding Kyiv and expressed regret about the state of his party under the influence of Donald Trump.

Senator Mitt Romney, 76, a former Republican presidential candidate, said the United States should continue to fund Ukraine’s military effort .

In his opinion, “destroying the Russian army” using only five percent of the US defense budget is “an extremely wise investment,” writes  the Telegraph.

The Republican, who announced on Wednesday that he will not seek re-election as a senator from Utah, responded to critics within his party who argued that America cannot afford to continue funding the Ukrainian military, saying: “The idea that it is too expensive, a little funny.”

“We spend about $850 billion a year on defense. We use about five percent of that to help Ukraine. Oh my God, to protect freedom and destroy the Russian military — a country with 1,500 nuclear warheads aimed at us. The ability to do that with five percent of your military budget seems to me to be an extremely smart investment, not something we can’t afford,” he said.

Romney believes that the West has taken “extraordinary steps to unite and provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons.” However, he warned against complacency.

“What worries me is that in my country some people are saying, ‘OK, we’ve done enough, let’s move on.’ what it did in Ukraine, China will feel the same way about Taiwan. Other authoritarians will say, ‘Why don’t we take our neighbor’s population and resources?’ That’s just not something the liberal democracies of the world can approve of,” he added.

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  1. Just saw a few minutes of Tulsi Gabbard while she was criticizing Biden for the US Russian war and the fact that this war has interrupted the supply chain for the US. I’m sure the thousands of people who have been butchered by Russia are concerned about her fuckin supply chain. Does anyone have a large enough dildo to shove down her fuckin throat. May she drop dead suffering.

    • Using the supply chain issue as a reason to hand over millions of people to a vicious, brutal regime is proof of how low her morals and intelligence are.

      • It was despicable just watching this crap but I think everyone needs to see both sides. In this particular case it was really grievous. Her amoral position was just unreal.

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