Putin’s administration ordered Russian mass media not to cover the new wave of mobilization, “Meduza”

Evgenia Sokolenko17:57, 09/14/23

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This topic causes anxiety among Russians.

The administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, ordered the pro-government media to cover as little as possible the rumors about  the second wave of mobilization . Information about this and the fake order of the Ministry of Defense about conscription to the front was actively spread in early September in social networks and messengers.

As two employees of the mass media told Meduza , the propagandists were asked not to publish even official refutations of such rumors. At the same time, such news receives a large number of views.

“As it is believed here [in Russia], if the authorities deny something, then it will definitely happen,” the source explained.

AP’s request also concerns the statements of the chairman of the State Duma defense committee Andriy Kartapolov. He became famous in September of last year, when he “denied” the preparation of the mobilization right before its start. 

It is noted that in the Kremlin propagandists were suggested to focus on publications about the recruitment of contract workers, which is allegedly going very successfully. According to interlocutors of the publication, some mass media can ignore AP’s recommendation and continue to gain views if their management has “good personal relations” with Kremlin curators.

At the same time, it is indicated that the very mention of mobilization “is very disturbing to the society” of the Russian Federation. On the eve of the presidential elections, which will be held next year, the Kremlin does not need such “anxiety”.

“It affects people’s moods, in some of them it can develop into protest moods. Such people will vote against [Putin] or will not go to the elections,” the interlocutor said.

Mobilization in the Russian Federation

Russian lawyer, human rights defender Mykola Polozov said that the Kremlin wants to mobilize hundreds of thousands of Russians for the war that the aggressor state has unleashed against Ukraine  due to catastrophic losses at the front  .

Russian opposition journalist, former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Igor Yakovenko is convinced that during the new wave of  mobilization in Russia,  the authorities will not be able to call 700,000 people to war against Ukraine.

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