NATO Still Sees No Signs of Deliberate Russian Attacks on Romania

NATO has said that it has no information about a deliberate attack by Russia after the third time that Romania has reported the identification of pieces of drones on its territory.

The NATO spokesperson noted that at a meeting of the North Atlantic Council on Wednesday, the Romanian ambassador informed NATO members about Russia’s continued attacks on Ukrainian port infrastructure near the Romanian border.

He informed the Allies that, for the third time, pieces of drones similar to those used by Russia had been found on Romanian territory.

“The Romanian authorities remain on alert and are conducting a full investigation. NATO has no information indicating any intentional attack by Russia against Allied territory,” the spokesperson said.

He stressed that NATO is standing in solidarity with Romania, and Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke at the weekend with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis as the Alliance “continues to monitor the situation in close contact with the Romanian authorities”.

After the first two cases of the discovery of drone debris in Romania, NATO also stated that they had not seen signs of a deliberate attack by Russia on Romanian territory.

On September 13, some wreckage, possibly from a drone, was found in the area of Nufărul and Victoria settlements in Romania near the border with Ukraine. The area where the wreckage was observed is located 14 kilometres from the border, more than 20 kilometres from the Ukrainian port of Izmail

Before that, residents of settlements in Romania’s Tulcea district received RO-Alert messages for the first time during Russian drone attacks on Ukrainian cities over the Danube on September 12-13.

Romania once again summoned the head of the Russian diplomatic mission to its Foreign Ministry in connection with the discovery of further wreckage on its territory, possibly from a Russian drone.


  1. Intentional or not, these drones would not be landing in Romania if the mafia state wasn’t targetting ports on the Danube. After the missile incident in Poland which was played down, you would think NATO would show a little bit of steel instead of mush. I fear if the orcs do deliberately target a NATO country, it will result in the same outcome, cowardice!

  2. Not a surprising response from a useless org just looking for any reason to avoid being a determinative org in the region. EVADE, AVOID, DISTRACT…

  3. There could be waves of drones falling on Romania without NATO moving an inch from their position of utter weakness. What a pitiful collection of cowards.

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