A powerful explosion thundered near Saratov: a giant flame raged (video)

Marta Hychko 07:48, 14.09.23

It is probably about damage to the gas pipeline.

On the morning of September 14, a powerful explosion thundered near Saratov . A giant column of smoke rose.

As the “Ostrozhno, Novosty” channel reports with reference to eyewitnesses, the explosion occurred about an hour ago. After that, a large column of smoke rose above the place of the explosion.

One of the eyewitnesses assumed that it was about damage to the gas pipeline, but there is currently no official data.

In one of the videos, an eyewitness notes that a giant column of smoke can be seen even at a distance of several kilometers.

“We left 5 kilometers from Saratov. The flames are raging, smoke is rising, something has caught fire,” says the voice over.

According to the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation, 4 fire brigades left for the Krasny Oktyabr settlement area.


According to Russian publications, the cause of the fire near Saratov is depressurization on the Pishchany-Umet-Storozivka gas pipeline.

As a result, there was a fire – burning grass on an area of ​​2 hectares. 4 fire brigades are working on site. According to the rescuers, the gas in this section of the gas pipeline is not intended for the needs of the population.


Latest news from Saratov

The Saratov region has been rather alarming in recent months, because it is located 300 km from the front. An unexploded Russian Kh-101 cruise missile was recently found .

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Federal Security Service arrived on the scene. They found out that this is a strategic missile worth about 13 million dollars. Its combat unit was destroyed.

Before that, it became known that former United Russia MP Danylo Akimov set fire to the Military Commissariat in the village of Ivantiivka, Saratov Region, Russia.

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