Ukraine hit a submarine with cruise missiles for the first time in history, – Defense Express

Marta Gichko16:11, 09/13/23

And this unique attack was immediately successful. We are talking about critical damage to the submarine.

For the first time in history, Ukraine used cruise missiles to destroy a submarine . And this fantastic attack was successful.

Defense Express writes about this , analyzing the Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol. We are talking about the incapacitation for more than a long period, or even the complete destruction of two ships at once – the submarine “Rostov-on-Don” and the large landing ship “Minsk”.

“And if the defeat of a large landing ship happened for the third time, then the defeat of a submarine is a unique situation that has definitely already gone down in history. The fact is that Ukraine does not have the standard capabilities to fight Russian submarines. By itself a submarine is an extremely complex target, countering which requires a whole range of means, with anti-submarine ships, airplanes and helicopters, and its own submarines. But in Ukraine now there is simply nothing of the above,” the publication notes.

In particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have modern ships that can patrol the waters in order to search for and destroy submarines, nor anti-submarine aircraft such as the P-8 Poseidon or even the P-3 Orion, nor, of course, the underwater components of the fleet.

The Ukrainian Navy simply has nothing to search for and destroy Russian submarines in the Black Sea. The only way to hit a Russian submarine is to destroy it on the surface. And given that even diesel-electric submarines operate submerged all the time, the only window of opportunity is a defeat in the bay.

“And this is exactly what was carried out by Ukrainian pilots. And this is the first ever use of cruise missiles to destroy a submarine in history, especially immediately effective. And this is not the first time that the Armed Forces of Ukraine say new words in a naval exercise , because before this, for the first time in history, the Ukrainian military destroyed a missile cruiser and effectively used sea drones,” the publication notes.

With a high degree of probability, this attack could mean the final disabling of the Rostov-on-Don submarine. We are talking not only about the scale of the fire that engulfed the dry dock, where it was located together with the Minsk airborne ship, but also about the fact that Storm Shadow cruise missiles were most likely used to destroy it. They have a warhead weighing 450 kg, which consists of two separate parts. The first is the leading shaped charge, which forms a hole in the obstacle into which the main high-explosive fragmentation warhead flies.

Thus, when a submarine, or any other ship, is hit, the explosion occurs in the middle of the hull. This already means critical damage, and in the case of a large-scale fire that engulfed both ships, we are talking about critical consequences, because they simply burn out from the inside, and the bulkheads melt due to the high temperature.

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  2. Another proof of the Storm Shadow’s deadliness … especially when in the hands of top competency.

    • “With Rostov na Donu, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has four improved Kilo-class submarines equipped with Kalibr land-attack missiles deployed in the Black Sea as of February 2022.”

      Imagine that……

      Yeah, in the near future when Ukrainian flags return to the skies over Sevastopol, they will have to build a glass bottom boat so we can take tours over the new ruzzki mir museum at the bottom of the sea.

      Welcome to Ukraine…………..

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