The Russian large landing ship Minsk will never go to sea again: a Ukrainian missile destroyed the engine room (photo, updated)

The Russian large landing ship of Project 775 “Minsk” received damage incompatible with further operation as a result of a night missile attack on Sevastopol.

This conclusion can be made by examining the first photos of the destroyed dry dock in which the enemy large landing ship was located. The missile pierced the deck of the ship and exploded inside the hull near the engine room. After a powerful explosion, a fire broke out on board and the ship’s hull tilted.

It should be noted that large landing ships of Project 775 were built in Poland on the ropes of Gdansk in the 70-80s; their engines are now unique units that are practically irreplaceable.

Most likely, in the list of losses published daily by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the number 20 will appear in the “ships” column in the near future.

UPDATED AT 5:40 p.m. According to Dumskaya, as a result of a missile attack on the Sevastopol ship repair plant, two workers of the enterprise were killed and 26 were wounded.



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