Sevastopol In Flames


  1. I can’t wait to see the “damage” to this submarine. Meanwhile, comrade Musk is up to his old tricks again. Starlink suffered a near 100% outage as this attack was ongoing. Not that it made any difference, but I think it’s time the US declared this bastard a threat to US national security.

    • DT reports :

      “One of Russia’s most formidable submarines was damaged after Ukraine launched a barrage of British Storm Shadow missiles, in a major attack on the Black Sea fleet.

      The vessel, believed to be an improved Kilo class attack submarine, was hit in the overnight attack on Sevastopol, which also damaged a Russian amphibious landing ship.

      “Unfortunately, three Storm Shadow missiles reached their target. The landing ship ‘Minsk’ and the submarine ‘Rostov-on-Don’, which were in dry dock, received varying degrees of damage,” the Russian Rybar Telegram channel reported.

      Mykola Oleshchuk, the head of the Ukrainian Air Force, appeared to confirm that Storm Shadow missiles were used in the strike when he congratulated his pilots for their “excellent combat work”.

      Storm Shadows are fired from Ukrainian fighter jets and have the longest range of all the missiles in Ukraine’s arsenal. Since May they have been used to strike Russian supply depots and command posts behind the frontlines.”

      • What the propagandist doesn’t say, is that a lot of these missiles were ADM-160B MALD decoys. Looking at the destruction, it appears the orcs took down the decoys, not the real missiles.

      • Some of the ladies I know in Kyiv are always a bit wary when Ukraine has such successes. They know that the cockroaches will take revenge on the civilians.

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