Russian woman put children in a dog cage: the reason “killed” (photo, video)

Marta Gichko04:20, 09/13/23

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Eyewitnesses thought that the children were kidnapped by criminals, but it was their mother who did it.

In Kuban, a Russian woman put children in a cage for bad behavior.

According to the SHOT Telegram channel , the woman said that her sons behaved badly in the car, so she forced them to sit in the trailer with the dog.

A terrible picture with children and a dog in a cage on a moving Chevrolet Niva was noticed by eyewitnesses on the Timashevsk – Grechnevaya Balka road. People thought that the boys had been kidnapped by criminals.

Children in a cage /
Children in a cage /

“The police were given a tip. They stopped the car. The “criminal” turned out to be the children’s mother. A report was drawn up against her for violating the rules for transporting people and the family’s data was transferred to the children’s authorities,” the channel writes.

The Russian woman put the children in a cage

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