“Putin’s girlfriend” transported a pony to Russia on a military plane: hysterics in the Z-channel (photo)

Angela Bachevskaya02:38, 09/13/23

They were transported by Il-76MD.

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl brought her ponies to Russia . This was reported by the Veterinary Department of the Leningrad Region .

According to the report, Kneissl brought two ponies with her. The horses were checked and quarantined. Earlier, the Tkachenko Alena Equestrian Club stated that they had met animals from Pulkovo airport that had crossed six borders on their way to Russia.

The network drew attention to the post of the Russian military public page “Fighterbomber” dated September 7. It said that the horses were transported on a Russian military aircraft.

“The aviators who are now standing for loading in Artek. There, instead of a heroic squad, they want to load you with ponies. If the country really needs ponies today, then fly, of course, with ponies,” wrote the author of the channel.

photo Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Leningrad Region
photo Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Leningrad Region

On September 9, he wrote that these were ponies “whose need, important and secret.” “Weapi ponies, so to speak. But no one wants to admit whose, so that these “public resonances” of yours do not discredit respected people once again. Therefore, naturally, two pissing ponies flew away on a separate board, and not service people,” it says message.

According to The Insider , the pony was delivered by a heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD with tail number RF-76762, belonging to the 224th flight detachment of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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